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3 tips to optimize your supply chain

17 novembre 2016

A supply chain is a collection of many steps (product design, delivery, return) that all converge towards the same goal: to satisfy the end customer by delivering quality products at the right time and at the right place. The logistics department therefore has a key role in the company. A company’s brand image also depends on the way the supply chain is established and managed. Although the supply chain represents a significant cost, it is however possible to minimize it throughout proper optimization. Some basic tips enable companies to save time and money.

Kitting operations at Inter-Logistic Europe

11 novembre 2016

Some products are only complete after the assembly of different components: a box with its lid, a bottle with its cap ... Kitting consists in bringing together these different components in order to assemble them and to create a unique product. Kits are then formed and subsequently transported to their place of assembly.

Inter-Logistics Europe:your logistics carrier manager

08 novembre 2016

Inter-Logistic Europe (ILE) provides many logistics solutions and has chosen to work with recognized carriers such as Fed Ex, DHL, and also with many strong local players who are familiar with the economic situation in our region. These partnerships enable logistics and transportation services to be provided by experts in their field. ILE helps you manage your logistics and control your transportation activities for better tracking and quicker action.

Product lifecycle management

04 novembre 2016

To be most effective, a company’s high tech logistics department should be flexible and able to react quickly to the market. Inter-Logistic Europe designs tailor-made logistics solutions for companies who want to improve their supply chain’s efficiency and profitability even when it is very complex. These companies can also rely on ILE’s expertise in product lifecycle management (middle-of-life and end-of-life electronics).

Managing electronic product returns

17 octobre 2016

Reverse logistics tends to develop over the years, in particular with e-commerce. Some goods such as high-tech products, are often sent into return flows. Companies shouldn’t neglect reverse flow management since the impact on their profits can reach a significant level. Reverse logistics therefore consists in optimizing and taking charge of the flows coming from the customers.

Logistics solutions and supply chain operations in Belfort and Montbéliard, France

22 septembre 2011

Located in the North-East of France, Inter-Logistic Europe offers logistics solutions to SMEs in the French region of Franche-Comté, between Belfort and Montbéliard. Our warehouse of 10 000 m2 is specially designed for the storage of your products. Our experts can quickly and durably optimize your supply chain. Discover our expertise!

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