Quality Environment Security standards

A certified logistics company

Inter-Logistic acquired the triple ISO certification for the first time on June 10th 2009. These standards were renewed in April 2015:

ISO 9001: Quality resource management

ISO 14001: Environmental resource management

OHSAS 18001:  British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems


The opinion of the team of INTER-LOGISTIC direction: 10 good reasons to get certified

  1. Company Evolution you evolve your business and your organization's implementation of the certification project brings to review internal processes and improve the organization: You measure the performance and progress.
  2. Involvement of teams : You involve your teams around a common project A collective project like this helps develop employee skills and unite around a common goal. They feel included and involved in the project's success. Certification ISO 9001 may not be validly granted with the support and the effective support of employees
  3. Better use of resources : You better use your resources You optimize the operation of the company through continuous improvement and standardize practices. Your competitiveness is thereby increased.
  4. Limiting costs : You limit unproductive costs and optimize your production costs you money from your production costs by seeking continuous improvement and limiting the costs of poor quality, since these have been detected
  5. Potential Risk assessment : You evaluate the potential risks of failure the occasion of the various stages of the certification, you can detect any issues directly or indirectly related to quality. So you can understand the above and make the necessary remedies before any irreversible damage.
  6. Improved customer satisfaction : You increase the satisfaction of your customers and their loyalty and Improving the quality of your services or your products can only lead to increased customer satisfaction. In addition, a company involved in a quality target returns a very positive and dynamic image. Clients are satisfied and are more likely to remain loyal if they find an answer to their expectations.
  7. Opening new markets : You open potential new markets A field to win new customers can open with the iso 9001, including demanding companies working only with certified suppliers. The quality of evidence given by the ISO 9001 certification is an important asset.
  8. International recognition : You get international recognition International Standard, ISO 9001 lets you conquer foreign markets and to be recognized.
  9. Building confidence : You strengthen confidence in your organization be able to conduct an ISO 9001 certification project and obtain the certificate reassures partners, suppliers, customers and prospects on the management and organization of the company. Very positive sign given out, it can give confidence.
  10. Better value : You give value to your business of course, improving the quality of your business processes, you make a great addition which results in an improvement in the value thereof.

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